Man or woman, woman or man, the best selection of classic workout gear should be unisex in our eyes.  We have arrived at  day and age where high performance sportswear has not only made its way onto the High Street, but onto mostly all other streets as a matter of fact.  So in the spirit of disrupting the disrupted, we thought we’d do our best to turn things right side up in the spirit of sharing some goodness.  We’re bringing our work and play wear back into the fitness scene in an attempt to shake things up so much that it almost seems right again – for a second.

Look ONE / 

Danny is working out in a World War II era US Navy coverall folded down in half with plain tee and Nobu Tennis club sweat shirt over the top.  Around the waist Danny wears a Champion long sleeved waffle henley.

ptj_boys_gym1 ptj_boys_gym2 ptj_boys_gym3

Look TWO /
Here Danny is playing ball in a thrift store club tee with a pair of vintage California Explorations swimming trunks.  On his feet are shibori dyed cotton Bonds socks and his own pair of Nikes.

ptj_boys_gym5 ptj_boys_gym6 

/ Modelled by Danny Lee / Shot and Styled by Lauren /