The 2019 W'menwear Wish Book

The 2019 W'menwear Wish Book

Dear friends,

As the year wraps up and fairy lights glitz our local stores and shopping malls, the team and I thought it would be groovy to recreate an original 1969 Sears Wish Book, their yearly mail-order catalogue that was actually separate from their official Christmas catalogue. However, we’re putting our own W’menswear twist on it (of course).

Our very own W’menswear Wish Book is a compilation of our funnest Ponytail Supplies for the winter, specially curated for you, or perhaps a loved one. Guys, you’ll be able to find the best gifts for your hard-hitting lady, and even a thing or two for yourself.

Flip to page 3 of the Wish Book and you will find our special Christmas discount code, our gift to you, that will also give you free International DHL shipping to get your orders delivered before the 24th when you order on the site before the 19th.

To me, gift giving is all about thoughtfulness. It’s about being mindful of someone’s favorite things, passions, needs, and loves. A thoughtful gift is a passageway to a great memorable moment. So on that note, I hope you enjoy our 2019 Wish Book of thoughtfully designed and artisan made pieces.


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