I’m Presenting the internet premiere of our W’menswear Fall 16 collection in full.

Over the past year I have been working on this project in the quiet shadows that lie outside the internet world. W’menswear, the brainchild of Ponytail Journal, is another pride and joy – An idea put in place to make my little mark on how womenswear should be consumed and worn with time. That is, transcending trend and ageing with grace. I think of this as my little message to the world that clothes should last longer than a season, a year, and even a decade. Garments should get better with age rather than simply get boring, or physically disintegrate over a short span of time.

So once again, I find my work drawing together a ‘lil bunch of my favourite people, those of whom I respect and admire. I also get to manufacture and explore one of my motherlands, Thailand, in hope of giving it the rep that it deserves as a serious manufacturing nation that can churn out a very high quality product. Things are made freaking well here, and in my point of view the term, ‘made in Thailand’ needs some deserved attention and a reconsideration. My pal Ben Viapana, a Canadian custom denim tailor, has come on board to manufacture the collection. He has built up a collection of impressive machines from workwear factories over his nine years working here. As a collector of antique South East Asian textiles myself, I fell in love with the romantic textile industry here that has continued passed-down knowledge and tradition. I’m not saying that the industry here is in danger of losing this wonderful juju; in fact today you will find synthetic fabrics favored over tradition.

Here before you is what I call ‘beginnings’, a little seed not yet germinated, but over the next month I will watch it come to life and evolve over time. I’m doing things old school from how the garments are machined by hand to the way they are sold : wholesale to retailers. No Instagram freebies, no internet push, no single season trends, and I’m not selling it online myself. This is going just the way things have been run before, to remind us that good things come with time and patience.


Sail Dress / 11 oz canvas, brass buttons, stencil, and rope.


Gutting Smock / Deadstock fishing net, paint, copper hardware, 14 oz canvas, stencil.


Fisher lady Braces / Military webbing, cow hide, copper hardware.


Fisher lady Pant / 16 oz canvas, copper hardware, stencil.


Chore Coat / 16 oz canvas, copper hardware, stencil, Deadstock fishing net, paint.


Vareuse / 11 oz canvas, paint, sashiko stitching, stencil, brass button.

Raincoat / Waterproof 6oz canvas in safety orange, twill taping.

Fishing Vest / 11 oz canvas, Deadstock fishing net, copper hardware.

W’menswear Fall ’16 / Shot by Eric Kvatek / Modelled by Andrea Solstad and Lauren Yates / Styled by Lauren Yates

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