W'M Cosmic Capsule in Paris

W'M Cosmic Capsule in Paris

Leading up to Christmas from the 17th to 22nd December, we are launching a W'menswear Cosmic Capsule installation inside the stunning new VBS store in Paris' 2nd arrondissement. The idea of creating a sensory experience that embodies our AW19 collection (based on the women who paved the way to space during the cold war in the United States) is not only exciting but stokes a new hunger seek out new experiences with the brand.

We are presenting a specially curated array of our artisan made products that have been proudly stitched from small batch fabrics from heritage mills in Japan, Scotland, Italy, and the States. From our hardest-hitting outerwear to draping dresses made in parachute ripstop, we are excited to show you the history and technology that are the colours of the W'menswear palette. We will also be showcasing the new 'Space Pilot's Boots', our latest collaboration with Yuketen MFG. Co. These beautiful leather boots are based on the first commercial Space Pilot's boots, hand made in Maine, U.S.A.

On Saturday 21st of December, at 2pm, we invite you to the premiere screening of our short film "Note to Mother Earth". A collaborative project with poet Stacey Cotter Maniere, and photographer Eric Kvatek, this film is a tribute to Sally Ride, the first American Woman in space in 1983. This project, a year in the making, is an exploration into an historical platform that opened the opportunity to show a woman's capability in space.

Cosmic baby !

V BARBER AND SHOP | VBS 115 Rue d'Aboukir 75002 Paris

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