Fresh off the press and our pals Emil and Sandy Corsillo of The Hill-Side have grabbed place of ‘GQ’s Best New Menswear Line’. Freaking HUGE stuff for having launched their clothing business in steady pace, after the great success of their Brooklyn store Hickorees. When I think of these guys, the word play comes into mind. It’s definitely woven into the fabric of their identity (pun intended) and you can smell this wafting out of their businesses.

I’ve been thinking about the ingredients that make a energy bubble like the Corsillos’ and I’ve put it down to a great balancing act of taking and giving. Just like some good ‘ol fashioned sibling rivalry (we all do it), beauty, functionality, and fun are delicate entities that need to exist in balance. This is why I find ancient Japanese art so fascinating, and these guys harnessed that magical juju to create colourful poetry that one wears on one’s self. In business, taking the time to quantify supply, demand, and growth, is another balancing act that most of us strive to get right, but I feel like doing business with a sibling sheds some beneficial communicative telepathy to the equation.

To me, this is what makes a proper garment business stand out from the billion others that saturate my morning feed: foresight. Just how matter and antimatter exist in the Universe, finding that sweet harmony that sways between creativity and trade is how we should approach the act of making and distributing. In other words, good people will always notice a good machine that’s fuelled by good things. Have I lost you yet?

emil corsillo

Emil’s Funnest Life Possible, the Pitti Uomo version.

1. What did you have for breakfast this morning?

fake, fake, fake brioche.

2. What do you usually smell like?

Booze. Negronis.

3. Where would you escape to during a zombie apocalypse?

The top of the Dwomo.

4. What’s the best thing about what you’re wearing today?

I have two things on that say “the”. It’s like our version of a logo. We made a regular logo t-shirt two seasons ago because our distributor in Japan said they would sell well, but we were kind of resistant to it – and then no-one ordered it. [laughs]

5. Tea or Coffee?


6. Winter or Summer?


7. What’s the most special vintage piece you own?

I dunno? Oh, yeah recently Hisashi (Hickorees Japan) found a 1950s U-Pen football sweater. It’s maroon with a navy ‘P’ on the chest. We both went to the University of Pensilvania together. The label inside was from the shop that was a block from where our painting studio was in college. [Me: So it was an art college?] No… but we did painting. [Me: that’s rad].

8. What is your ultimate jacket button made of?

I think I just like a really classic plastic. Like, French workwear jacket. Or bakelite would be cool [Hisashi: Bakelite turns yellow] Ok, Bakelite is my answer.

9. What would you cook for your woman on a special occasion?

Bistecca alla Florentina [laughs] [Me: hooooo you guys are out doing everyone so far on this!]

10. But do you even lift bro? Do I even lift bro?

mi dispiace.

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