While on my recent trip to Seoul, a favourite city of mine, I went to visit the ‘Culture Chanel‘ experience. An incredible, tightly curated exhibit that guides you through the Coco design process, from inspiration to execution. Chanel showcased photographs, sketches, artworks and objects from History to describe Coco Chanel’s eye for detail with the physical and intangible references in her work. To me, this was an eye widening observation into the intentions and play of her practice. Her work is a web of her experiences growing up, along with the art and culture she was exposed to as a human being. We can even see such respect for history and getting-things-right in advertising campaigns that re-enact significant scenes and moments in time, to the facial expressions and poses the models wear. It reminds me of Nigel Cabourn‘s work, entirely influenced by objects from the past, moments in History, and vintage fabrics. To put these words into play, his recent autumn/winter collection was his tribute to the centenary of WWI, and those heroes who fought in the infamous trenches. For this collection, Cabourn worked closely with many woollen mills in the British isles to come up with materials that were absolutely authentic to the time.

These kinds of considerations are to me, what differentiate good from great creation. To think about the roots of where things originated, and to draw from your own experiences to translate these ideas and moments into a contemporary context is a very delicate art. It is this that only those with keen eyes and heavy, passionate hearts can translate to our world without confusing the message.

This leads me on to the Chanel SS15 show, that has had the world screaming and shouting. Perhaps the fashion world and all its keeping-cool-in-desperation-to-sell-stuff during this economic lull, has gone to some of our heads. Like many, I don’t think ending a Chanel show with faux-feminism, in a confusing and awkward fashion-protest is in great taste. It has left me wondering if ‘fashion’ is getting in the way of goodness.

I won’t go any further, otherwise I will find myself repeating what my news feeds have been spitting out recently, but Style Bubble sums it up quite to the point.


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