I’m always on the hunt for new and old, and lucky me every weekend in Paris during the summer there are flea markets spotted all over the city. My favourite places to dig for vintage in the world would have to be Japan, France, and Thailand for three separate reasons.

In Japan, people look after their belongings like precious objects. Thrifting in Tokyo can almost be like shopping for deadstock in this sense, and being such incredible consumers through the years, I’ve found some really great things that are quite rare for the rest of the world. Things like Fireking pop up everywhere!

In France, I love the fact that the average Joe has a wardrobe full of classic cuts, wools and linens. There is an abundance of French provincial tableware, and you can get your hands on some of those great heritage brands like Armor Lux, Sain James, La Fuma, and Opinel for a very reasonable price. Finally, Bangkok, my other home is surprisingly full of goodies, a lot of American vintage comes by the container load as charity, while we have the most beautiful antique South East Asian weaves floating around markets in the countryside.

A true blue digger myself, I have a pretty good idea about what I should be buying, what’s worth it, and what’s not. I often buy things for resale, for styling shoots, or for myself, but being on the road constantly means that I can’t afford to be a hoarder honestly. This vintage aluminium framed backpack has been my score of the week. I picked it up in Paris and it has served me well on my travels around Europe. It’s got all the trimmings like leather strapping, padded shoulder straps, pockets for secrets, and a roomy trunk as I like to put it.

You can get your hands on one at PTJ Supplies.

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