W'menswear Limited Edition Paisley Capsule

W'menswear Limited Edition Paisley Capsule

Exclusive to Ponytail Supplies, we are excited to release the W'menswear Limited Edition Paisley Capsule! For Spring Summer 20, we have designed a capsule collection based around our special paisley fabric screen printed in Japan. Inspired by the Tektite II research program in May of 1970, we developed this collection energized by the all-female team of scientists who lived under the ocean for research in the US Virgin Islands.

Available in 6 styles: the Field Dress, Research Coverall, Research Shirt, Marine Pants, Voyage Parka, and Mosquito Shirt.

We have also worked with local artisans in Bangkok to create a hand crochet Flower Beret to style with the capsule.

Click the images to find out more about each item in the collection.

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