Our pals The Hill-Side are having a fiery online sample sale. Like the ones you see on TV where there are spinning logos and end words are repeated in threes. In celebration of all things sample, all things well made, and all things very affordable, Emil Corsillo took a bunch of selfies in their warehouse to show you the many uses for their wares.

Last summer they hosted their first ever online-only sample sale, featuring a massive selection of samples and overstock pieces from The Hill-Side’s extensive archives and the world was begging for more. It was pretty rad that they were able to make their sample sale accessible to all of their global customers, rather than the classic locals-only deal.

As before, they’ve built a temporary website for the sample sale, which will go live at 11:59 PM EST tonight Thursday 8/6. The sale runs through Wednesday, August 12th, after which the sample sale website will shut down for ever and all eternity.

We’ve already had a little exclusive peak at what’s to come, so expect an even bigger and better selection than before. Picture their classic neckties, scarves, and handkerchiefs; along with ball caps, heavy duty tote bags, belts, watch bands, and their incredible made-in-Japan vulcanized sneakers. Of course, everything is available at insanely discounted prices… Duh.

So start stretching those fingers, work out your Paypal password that you’ve forgotten about for too long, and BRING IT in the wardrobe curation department.


In a nutshell /

Ties & Bow Ties $30

Scarves $25

Pocket Squares & Bandanas $15

Sneakers $65

Ball Caps $25

Heavy Duty Tote Bags $40

Simple Tote Bags $15

Belts $25

Watch Bands $15

Starts tonight here.

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