As the weather sinks into a foggy slumber, autumn brings a light bite to the air as we start to rug up and set up camp for the winter solstice.  We bring you some inspiration for the colder months in collaboration with our pals at Revision Society who have developed a new set of versatile winter pieces, designed to adapt to the changing weather, and made completely from surplus fabrics from luxury garment production that would otherwise go into landfill.  

Their ‘Thinking Cap’, rucksack, and ‘Versatile Coat’ are all incredibly thought out pieces that are made to last winter after winter, and made to accommodate for diverse lifestyles.  Take the sleeves and optional sinched waistline on the Versatile Coat for example, that not only elegantly sports secret double pockets (a longer set for super cold days when you want to hide your hands from the wind), but also smartly transforms into a 3/4 length sleeve for the Autumn or if you have a wild jumper that you really wanted to show off.  This is the kind of wonderful design and forward thinking that we should all be seeking out on new endeavours.

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look-1  ptj_wmenswear_paris5

look-2  ptj_wmenswear_paris1  ptj_wmenswear_paris2

look-3  ptj_wmenswear_paris4

look-4  ptj_wmenswear_paris6  ptj_wmenswear_paris8  ptj_wmenswear_paris
look-5  ptj_wmenswear_paris9


Have a look at the full range here.

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