"TEKTITE IV" Spring Summer 20 1st Drop

TEKTITE II led by Marine biologist Sylvia Earle is part of the inspiration behind the W’Menswear Spring Summer 2020 collection, ‘Goodness may come from the Universe’s most unexpected places’ Each piece perfectly combines the influence of marine research with workwear.

We invite you to submerge into the world of W’menswear cotton knitted pieces made with tradition that has existed decades, even centuries before us. From stitch that possesses such authentic character in Japna to the earthly natural dyes done with great craftsmanship in Thailand.


In Hokuriku regions of Japan, Minami mill is where this superior Japanese knitted cotton is woven. They develop their yarn in-house and uses “Tsuri” knitting machines that work in a slow ticking motion. This traditional method coupled with over a hundred years of development on the old fashioned machines has contributed to the one-of-a-kind knit that is soft, supple and texture, where no modern machine can uphold.

Minami takes pride in their traditional practices, and are known for producing cotton knit that is easy-care, naturally stretch, and gets more comfortable with each wash. You’ll find our SS20 W’menswear pocket tees in a light MInami knit fabric that still holds a meaty touch for our kinda gals.


In the laid back city of Chiang Mai, Thailand, we take you to a slower pace of life at Slowstitch Studio where our cotton knits are being dyed thoughtfully with great attention to the fine details that makes the final result so freaking beautiful.

For Spring Summer 20, we have worked with Ann and Serge from Slowstitch studio to create the traditional marine design in natural indigo dye and our newest addition to the family - mangosteen dye. Mangosteen known as the Queen of all fruit is native to the hot and humid climate of Southeast Asia. Its white edible flesh is sweet, tangy and oh so juicy. A must try!

Mangosteen dye is extracted from its thick inedible shell that need to be chopped up and boiled. Since this natural dye does not readily attach itself to the fiber as compare to indigo dye, they require the use of metallic salts(mordants) for a stronger bond. Without it, the dye will not be taken up properly and will likely wash out or fade away.

The rest of the Spring Summer 20 collection will reach Ponytail Supplies and W’menswear mid-March this year.

W'menswear images by Eric Kvatek Words by Buranee Soh

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