This past autumn, we followed our friends Nigel Cabourn and Emilie Casiez to the Halley Stevensons Oilcloth Factory in the Port town of Dundee, in Scotland. We had met a few weeks previously at Premiere Visions textile tradeshow in Paris to discuss executing such a unique project with Halley Stevensons Managing Director Jimmy Campbell and his dedicated team.

It was the morning of October the 10th that I woke up at first light to drive from my remote home in France to the airport where I kicked off to meet Nigel and Emilie in Edinburgh. We stopped over to take in the historic city, then set off over the Forth Bridge and up the motorway, passing the lush autumn landscape by as the rich golden rays of the setting sun waved goodbye on the horizon.

The following early morning, Jimmy took us to the Halley Stevensons factory where we quickly set to work on hand painting 50 meters of 400g deep mustard dyed canvas with green and brown pigments. After washing, the resulting fabric would be scanned over for the most ideal section to be replicated by screen printing and used for the Nigel Cabourn Authentic Men's collection. The original handpainted roll was saved for designer Emilie Casiez to use on Nigel Cabourn Women's Authentic pieces. After the washing process, Halley Stevensons chief technician George Smith did a series of wax treatments on samples before the correct treatment is approved and applied to the fabrics before they are transformed into garments.

Today I am delighted to present to you the document of this super fun event and the unveiling of the final garments.

Filming Credits Chas Whatmore Music 'Akha Chant' by Drunken Foreigner Band Special Thanks Nigel Cabourn Jimmy Campbell George Smith Emilie Casiez Shaun Somerville Produced by Ponytail Journal

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