Let’s move the spotlight over a few steps to All General Made in the UK where founders Jamie and Anna are taking advantage of Britain’s family run tanneries like Joseph Clayton & Sons, as well as world renowned leathers from the US and Italy to celebrate their love for creation.

Diving head first into leather working seems to have been a seamless transition in and out of other creative projects that the duo take on as their art practice. Their great respect for form, construction, and function rings through in a soft and humble wavelength. Their leather pieces, like this hand stitched vegetable tanned passport case, are utilitarian yet ironically make grand statements about its wearers taste and values. They are manifestations (if you may) of modern day luxury in suitingly understated, unbranded, and inconspicuous form.

Stop the beat, I’m not here to cram a sweet little puff piece down your throat, no the internet is overflowing with that sort of garbage as it is. I’m here to tell you the story of this wallet’s life and how it has evolved over weeks of daily use to become something wonderfully unique from every other one of its handmade relatives that walk the earth. This natural vegetable tanned wallet arrived to the Ponytail party with friends. An exotic Tuscan snap wallet as soft as anything and a British vegetable tanned cousin – a belt with a handsome brass buckle [ as seen in our recent W’menswear editorial here ]. This piece in particular became my daily drag around piece. That one leather piece that goes with you everywhere – and in my case, a very mad jelly bean assortment of places. It became my tropical wallet for Bangkok, a humid and densely populated city that, is superbly conducive to ageing materials in a speedy and unique way. It also followed me to the paradise of the far earth I sometimes call Australia, and Europe where it’s unseasonably cold. It was only at the 2 week mark when the wallet had started to develop a nice patina on its carefully hand sewn edges. A few coats of coconut oil and it started to look even darker in colour, like it had been worn everyday for a good 6 months’ plus.

That natural vegetable tan on the wallet seems to open a conversation with its wearer, inviting me run my finger down its waxy stiching. It can feel super solid at first sight, but melts down with use into a buttery block that’s as friendly as a heavily layered croissant in the morning. Good leather is always forgiving like that, and just like raw denim, the vegetable tanned hides become unique with use – a quality that we are energised by. This loyal piece has experienced the touch of many hands, a rogue mulberry encounter, and continuous contact with the heavy indigo inside the back pocket of my favourite jeans. All of this is what makes it beautiful, and how it transports me to those moments frozen in time. It’s something I look forward to taking with me on new journeys.


/ Pictured above, founders Anna and Jamie making All General Made pieces in their studio / My All General Made passport wallet after 3 months of daily use /

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