Remembering Westwood: A Punk Story

Remembering Westwood: A Punk Story

In memory of Vivienne Westwood

We’ve curated select styles from our AW23 collection for the rebels in all of us. Presenting our punk inspired pieces that were dedicated to the late (Queen) Vivienne Westwood, who will forever live on in our creativity.

“A moment to celebrate Vivienne Westwood, who showed us how to embrace our individuality and use creativity for good. As a young person, I thought her work was like nothing else I’d ever seen before, and I admired her braveness. She was constantly daring, evolving, refining, and making her mark on the world in such unforeseen ways. She was an artist who used fabrics, performance, colour and print to show her strong political points of view. Her fabric choices were always a perfectly orchestrated dance between order and chaos. An incredible woman with an epic legacy” - Lauren Yates.


Why Vivienne Westwood was such a hard-hitting woman?

Westwood was one of the first political and climate change luxury fashion designer. She began her career in the early 1970s upon meeting Malcom McLaren, manager of the band Sex Pistols, and moving to London to open their boutique. The two quickly became known and recognised for their edgy and rebellious designs that rejected social norms and were often considered controversial by society. Together, the two created a space for individuality and self expression in modern fashion and became highly regarded among the punk community.


Queen of Punk

Westwood was able to bring the music and fashion worlds together, designing clothing for the Sex Pistols in her early years as a designer, developing an image for the typical punk aesthetic we are familiar with today. The clothing designed by Westwood at this time was experimental and ahead of its time, being described as ‘crude’ and ‘rough’, working with the musical style of the band.


Environmental Game Changer

During her lifetime, Westwood was also known to be an avid environmentalist. Aside from her own campaigning, Westwood also collaborated with other environmental organisations, one example being Greenpeace, to whom she became an ambassador for. Her environmental ethics have also been carried into her own fashion collections, encouraging people to buy less and make clothing last.

“Buy less, choose well : that’s the maxim. Quality not quantity. That’s the most environmentally friendly thing you can do” - Vivienne Westwood.

Westwood has continuously used her platform as a designer to stand up for what she believes in, never being afraid of the controversy that might follow. She is a piece of the fashion industry that will be missed by many and that will be remembered for her impact for years to come.


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