A lot of readers will know that history is what inspires and informs who we are here at Ponytail Journal. It guides us forwards, inspires us to create, and perhaps gives us space to revisit our own identity. This editorial is much a reflection of history’s greatness that we strive to keep alive. The setting is much inspired by early portraiture that characterised the beginning of photography as we know it. Early on, long exposure times were necessary to capture enough light to create an image, so often subjects had to stand super still. That’s probably why so much thought was put into the styling and setting of a single photograph, because although they weren’t made to last forever, a moment captured in film was a lot less disposable than snaps we so easily capture today.

Thought, consideration, styling and the preciousness of each shot were what made photography post-digital-era so special. You may have read about our fascination with South East Asian Portraiture by Scottish photographer John Thompson and how he beautifully captured Siamese Royalty in staged outdoor settings that were flecked with detail. Here is our homage to thoughtfulness, the ephemeral, and capturing moments worth their weight in gold.

DSCF0465DSCF0480ptj wmenswear 3

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/ All available from Onion Store / Shot by House Sorasak / Art Direction + Styling Lauren Yates /

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