We tried and tested the 4 most curious t-shirts on the market to bring you ‘Ponytail’s Global Summer 16 T-Shirt Review’ for all creatures great and small. Enjoy !


Think of this as “that old t-shirt you had many great waves wearing, yellowed as hell, and given new life by dunking in that batch of homemade natural indigo dye that has totally stunk up your garage”. Saturdays have bottled that juju and put all that long hard wear and tear into a brand new t-shirt. It’s as soft as the original that’s crisped up on your back fence but of a much more luxurious origin. Yes it will fade, and yes it could even rub off on your mum’s white couch but that’s what we pay good money for today. Weekend over-casual-super-soft-tee option? We say yes.


We’ve always been huge fans of Velva Sheen tees. Who isn’t right? It’s that perfect weight between your fingertips, not too much stretch, holds its shape over time, and has a neat little pocket for extra sadness. The great Velva Sheen magicians have been hard at work developing the perfect summer tee that isn’t so thin you can see nipple from a mile away, with some very fitting sleeve stripes that say, “Im like that log you’ve been eyeing off since last summer”. Get the shirt so that it’ll match that log when you own it in 5 summers’ time.


Let’s talk about the fact that this Patagonia tee is made of 50% organic cotton on one hand, and 50% recycled polyester on the other. It’s really the t-shirt for people who want to be Captain Planet, but isn’t that a great goal to be aiming for? The big players can play nice, but we must constantly question their motives too. So how does this all feel on the skin? You’ll feel the breeze trickle through that re-purposed plastic but when the sweat that binds you to your clothing can’t escape, you end up trapped in a portable green house that you won’t escape. A great little metaphor for our situation on this planet.


How delighted we are with this little company that sprouted up from California, where jersey knits are springing out from like a jack-in-the-box. Unexpected luxury seeps from the seams of this little gem of a t-shirt. The fabric feels all the right combination of soft, strong, stretchy, and the breast pocket is a mile of fun. We’ve got our eye on these guys.


All items available at Onion Store, Bangkok.

Editorial shot by House Sorasak.

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