Our friends at Heddels shared this great film with us about the “Seed to Sew” collaborative Center Hi shoe from PF Flyers and Gitman Vintage Bros.  They spoke to Gitman Vintage Bros. president Chris Olberding and PF Flyer’s head of Global Merchandise Manager Chris Tobias about how the American made denim shoe speaks to both brands, from start to finish, with the seed that grew the fabric to the final production line stage.

The film is a brief peek into the design and production process, giving us a sense of both Gitman’s factory in Ashland, Pennsylvania and the New Balance factory in Boston, Massachusetts.  Back to the collab, I like the idea of making a corresponding shirt and shoe as a two part collaboration, with both brands absolutely focused on product.  We’ll have to stay tuned for the early September drop.

/ Shot and directed by Ryan Lindow, produced by Nick Coe and David Shuck. /