There is somewhat a special bond between a label and its retail partners, especially when they started out at the same time and place.  This is the story of our friends The Hill-Side and Unionmade back in 2009 when they both started businesses in NYC.  We have watched both flourish with focus on great product and experience, so it makes perfect sense that label and retailer would partner up to do fun things like a look book shoot in San Fran with Dave Franklin – a fixture in the San Francisco skate scene for 20 over years.

Skating has been a huge inspiration for this Autumn Winter collection according to The Hill-Side design team who grew up watching videos and swapping mags in the 90s.  What a fantastic culture to delve into – as it’s one that definitely speaks to a generation, time, and place that rings true to The Hill-Side wearer.

We have always admired the wonderfully executed look books that Unionmade have put out season after season, not only thanks to their brand’s vision, carried out by spot-on buyers who curate such tight seasonal wardrobes, but to their creative team who translate them into beautiful stories.  These are the details that drive the success of their brand, with great respect for what they represent.  These guys don’t stray from their clear vision to show us the most beautiful, hard working things for men from all over the world.  They have always provided support for menswear labels we most admire some of whom are also friends of Ponytail Journal.

So it puts a smile on our face to show you such a great friendship, a world painted with respect and admiration, and most of all, their FUNNEST life possible .

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Shot by Andrew Paynter / Featuring Dave Franklin