Melbourne's saltiest schwag has a new home

Melbourne's saltiest schwag has a new home

Our friends at 'Pickings and Parry' have re-opened their doors to a beautiful new space, just a skip down from their original location in Melbourne's Fitzroy. I'm at the edge of my seat to tell you that they have unveiled their mint sister store, 'Heffernan and Haire' to sit side-by-side with the hardest serving men's space possible.

Loyal customers and newcomers can plunge into a welcoming space that is bright, fresh, and the perfect framework for the world's best product, where you can still get a cut and shave at their barber shop, or order a coffee while your eyes take a wonder round. Owner Chris Pickings and his wife Carlan Heffernan have brought in great design details into the space like vintage firehoses, woven, framed, and floated from the ceiling like patchwork clouds.

What I'm most excited about though, is Heffernan and Haire, Carlan's new baby that is entirely dedicated to the hardest hitting womenswear the world has to offer, from workwear by Nigel Cabourn's Lybro and NC Woman to clever design by Snow Peak, classic knitwear by Armorlux, homewares by Basshu, great denim by Leno Brand, funnest schwag by Mon Italy, canvas sneakers by PF Flyers, Wolverine leather boots, and our very own W'menswear to name a few. Our hearts here at Ponytail Journal are won over.

Melbournites, do yourself a favour and meet the wonderful family of staff who are the hard working backbone of the store, and currently at Heffernan and Haire, we have curated a very salty W'menswear window display and pop-up space in-store. For those curious creatures on the far corners of the earth, let me take you on a little tour of the two stores as your tourguide, wearing my favourite womens pieces that are currently on sale!

Above wearing Snow Peak coveralls and tee, PF Flyers, and Basshu towel.

Pictured above wearing W'menswear Helicopter Pilot's Down Jacket, Lybro by Nigel Cabourn Coveralls, and PF Flyers.

Here wearing Lybro jacket and pants, Mon Italy shirt, and Pilgrim Surf Supply for Suicoke sandals.

Above wearing W'menswear Helicopter Pilot's Down Jacket and Khadi Rollneck Shirt, Lybro by Nigel Cabourn Coveralls, and PF Flyers. Here Lauren stands on the W'menswear window set-up next to W'menswear indigo tees dyed by Slowstitch Studio.

Shot by Melodee Malazarte.

Visit Pickings and Parry

Shop 2 166-182 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, VIC

Visit Heffernan and Haire

Shop 3 166-182 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, VIC

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