We all know that unless we’ve managed to grow a money tree in the backyard, the investment shoe should be something that speaks to newness, while being balanced with the timelessness of familiarity.  Sometimes we spend our lives on a quest to create, discover, wear, and invent things that have never been seen before… but the truth is that we are all secretly creatures of comfort who like to think of the world and the past with romantic rose coloured glasses.  I am anyways.  These are thoughts that have lead me to understand that good designers, merchandisers, and producers who appreciate the success of good design, leave things alone when they’re not to be messed with.

This is definitely the story of Grenson, as they continue to produce British made shoes of a very high quality, for men and women, and for people who share the same ideas about what really makes a good shoe.  I call these people “product people”, an informed consumer who enjoys decoding the layers of shoe greatness, from concept, to research, to finishing, to materials, to sole technology and to tasteful splashes of wildness – in moderation or abundance.  What makes a great shoe is so subjective, but like anything I think it’s safe to agree that material, design, research, and a unique thought process, all contribute to the success of one.

Take a look at our favourite picks for this coming winter season for men and women.

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Images courtesy of Grenson. /  Words, Lauren.