Our friend Nigel Cabourn’s favourite summer hang out in Japan is only a hop-skip-and-a-jump away from Tokyo, where the echo of cicada calls in the city are swept away with the fresh sea air on the coast.  We took a local train out to the volcanic sand covered beaches of Hayama to discover the colourful seaside culture that wonderfully describes the eclectic patchwork of Japanese summer culture.  It’s full of bamboo, Hawaiian prints, kayaking, and banana juice spiked with Malibu.

PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach18  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach15

Nigel wears Vilebrequin shorts / Nigel Cabourn X Converse shoes / Lybro Cap / Nigel Cabourn Tee /

PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach1  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach16  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach33  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach13  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach11  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach2  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach3  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach7

W’menswear Spring Summer 17 Hickory Stripe Shorts.

PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach8  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach6  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach9  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach10  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach12 PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach4  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach5  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach14  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach19  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach17  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach25



Yuki and Emilie.

  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach31  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach27  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach20  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach21  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach24  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach29  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach22  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach28  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach23  PTJ_NigelCabourn_HayamaBeach32 

Shot on location at Caban by Tomorrowland, Hayama Boat Club, and the Bar Shacks at Hayama Beach. / Featuring Designer Nigel Cabourn, Nigel Cabourn Women’s Designer Emilie Casiez, Yogi Yuki Matsui, and Lauren. /