Good 'Ol Whats-Her-Face

Good 'Ol Whats-Her-Face

As our community have struggled with the effects of the global pandemic, I have seen great impact on the artisans and family-owned garment suppliers. I value our relationship dearly. They breathe life into my ideas with wisdom and skills passed-down over generations, and I have the utmost respect for their role in culture. Art is how we connect as human beings. It is an expression of the human experience. It is a channel for our minds and hearts.

Good 'Ol Whats-her-face (GOW) is a new brand, exclusive to our store. It is a new line by W'menswear, with the goal of using design to support our community of artisans. With a set of strict design parameters, I've set out to breathe new life into vintage materials, and fabrics manufactured by family businesses in my local area of Bangkok.

All of the GOW gear is, and will always be (proudly) workshop made in Bangkok. The fabrics will be strictly up-cycled, vintage, or made by family businesses. Working this way, each piece will vary slightly due to the nature of the methods and materials.

Our first drop is a Unisex 'Freedom Shirt' and 'Freedom Dress' made from vintage Harley fabric. It was sourced and manufactured by my dear friend Ai (@vintage_hippie_rocknroll) and has been made exclusively for GOW.

I hope to use the W'menswear design platform to provide long-term, sustainable income for the people we respect the most - our makers !

  • Lauren

Shot by Anon Superverysnapshot Modelled by Moshi & Pony

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