Your smell is something that is a really huge part of how people remember you. Think about how your partner smells, and how you miss it when you’re away. There are probably some key scents that trigger fantastic emotions that are attached to memory, like the sweet-soft and slightly salty smell of baby shampoo that meant bath time, or the twang of a ripe mango that meant summer vacation. Think back to what your mother’s best meal smelt like and try not to feel something. Maybe because we don’t see smell, we forget that it’s such an enormous part of who we are. Nevertheless to me, it’s a marker of place, person, thing, feeling, and memory.

Here we’ve tried and tested some very exciting fragrances on the market right now that you mightn’t have come across at your average pharmacy. These are our selects of (pretty) unisex smells that take you to a place, time, or moment elsewhere at first scoosh. Most of all, we hope you start to bring your attention to that great sensory power-tool in everyday life.


Juniperus by Fiele Fragrances
These guys are killing it right now especially in the States. The Californian crafters and do poetic smells that conjure up an idea of greatness from our natural Universe. Their Juniperus fragrance wraps a super zen blanket around you, so to whisper “everything’ll be alright” with calming juniper as its main life source.

portland gs

Saltwater by Portland General Store
This would be your fisherman’s best friend with that old time fragrant sage, a bit of sea salt, and a hint of musk to keep things authentically dusty. Portland General Store brings us the fresh sea air with a twist of citrus and celery in the mix.

juniper ridge
Big Sur by Juniper Ridge
These dudes are botanists, explorers, and chemists who literally bottle nature, capturing it’s ephemeral quality and wildness. It reflects diversity in land, organism, and spirit. That’s pretty hip hop to us.

at the beach 1966
At The Beach 1966 by CB I Hate Perfume
Creator Christopher Brosius’ bold behaviour landed him a colourful career path that would make for a great biography to say the least. Read his manifesto and you’ll get an idea of his brazen attitude that he’s renowned for and that probably shaped his life. That boldness and his greatness as a perfumer has lead him to this, a rejection of the industry, “a lazy and inelegant concession to fashionable ego” as he puts it (think A, B, and C grade celebrities with their own cringeworthy fragrances) which seems to make sense to me. ‘At The Beach 1966′, one of Brosius’ most popular smells, was my own introduction to consumable smells that were inspired by moments and memories, and sorry but Maison Margiela got nothing on this.


Verde by Nest Fragrances
Maybe this is what you might find in the Hamptons, it’s a little more classically lux and and a little more ‘rich auntie who has what you’ll never afford’ but still, in its league it’s a winner for its focus on botanics and nature. Founder and creator Laura Slatkin may look like she stepped out of an episode of Bewitched from the late 60s (pearls, high hair and all) but she knows how to do things nice.

/ Cover shot featuring Sofia Jergner Ekervik wearing Nigel Cabourn Womens / Shot by Ben Benoliel / Styled by Lauren Yates /

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