Visualisation is a key part of the design process for us when we are developing new W’menswear collections. We take pride in creating our own unique styles, which sometimes do become mainstream trends, out of careful research with and our archive of vintage pieces. This process becomes the bare bones of future collections, as we teethe ideas and thoughts into imagery which then can spark the beginnings of design. We also like to see Ponytail Journal as a testing ground for ideas because all of you reading and browsing through the current collections are valuable feedback and inspiration for us alike.

As a designer, cook, gardener, skater, surfer, and well, someone who loves being active, I love to look back into history to root myself in the origins of ‘how stuff came about’. I’ve always been more fascinated about ‘why’ and ‘how’ things came to be rather than following ephemeral trends for now reason. That’s why I always start designing by looking at my lifestyle and how all of the goodness in life came to be. So let that be my segway into this study of workwear, sportswear, and heritage garments, all of which inspire me to design for W’menswear winter 2018.

Above / Vintage French cycling hat / 70s Vintage French workwear jacket / French work coveralls / Danner Sandals.

Above / Vintage Woolrich workshirt / Early 20th Century French shirt / Red Wing Heritage Women’s Iron Ranger Boots / Vintage wool kilt by The Scotch House.

Above / The Hill-Side sneakers / Vintage 50s cotton dress / Vintage French work jacket.

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