Your workspace should be inspiring, but it should also be neat and tidy for the sake of getting things done.

For me, it’s a space that I see pretty much every day, so I find it important to keep it visually stimulating rather than overwhelming. This means you’ve got to be on top of reducing your clutter – don’t be afraid to put things away. No matter if you are a creative or a numbers person, it’s a sure thing that having your work laid out in a neat space will keep your mind thinking clearly and your actions will reap the benefits from that.

In my design studio, I have a mood wall that constantly changes with inspiration that I collect on my travels. It is designated to an area that sometimes grows into a beautiful monster of paper that I am constantly revisiting to strip back and start again. It’s all part of the process and the act of revisiting and reinventing is something I value as a tool for growth. I say, we can never move forward without looking back.

So with the New Year, I revisited my workspace and took away the confusing clutter. It’s where I create, and where I am inspired, so here are some of my favourite things that right now keep me ticking, until the next overhaul.

Featured above clockwise from the top left; an Apple iPhone 6s, handmade leather card wallet by Chester Mox, Apple Watch with aqua silicone wristband, a tiki pen I found on my travels, Want Les Essentiels de la Vie iPad case and iPad, vintage Indigo Manufacture book (my biggest reference in my work), vintage French postcard, Coccoina potato starch paper glue stick, stainless steel stapler, and stitch bound speckled paper notebook, all on handmade French marble paper.


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