Passion and obsession are words commonly thrown around when describing hunters and collectors of vintage clothing and antiquities. It's down right difficult to avoid it. Trying to describe Sean Crowley without using them would in fact be nearly impossible.

Sean Crowley's obsession for vintage British style quickly transformed from collecting, to hoarding but common sense prevailed and in 2017, Sean opened a brick & mortar store in Gowanus Brooklyn. While much of NYC has become an open air shopping mall, Sean has bucked this trend with his well merchandised niche shop open on weekends. A perusal of the densely stocked shelves and racks makes it clear that Sean has been buying lots of stuff for a long time.

Mr. Crowley's experience working at Bobby From Boston vintage, RRL and Rugby appears to have perfectly prepared him for his adventure into shopkeeping. On any given Saturday (or Sunday) Sean is mixing in fresh merchandise wearing a top notch suit and tie. A steady flow of decked out customers marvel at garments with well respected labels and immaculately scrawled bespoke markings. All the while, Sean passionately describes his wares, providing historical details and provenance.

The result of his passion is a spectacle to behold. For anyone interested in vintage British or Ivy League style Sean's shop must be like one of those dreams you have wherein you discover a nearly unbelievable store full of fantasy merchandise.

In this case, when you wake up instead of being disappointed you can in fact go there. Congrat's Sean!!!

  • Eric.

Crowley Vintage & Antiques 546 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, New York Open Saturday and Sunday, 12-6pm; Weekdays by appointment.

Words and photographs by Eric Kvatek.

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