Knowing how to crumb meat or veg to shallow fry, is what I would consider an essential piece of knowledge that any cook should know. Why? because so many cultures have adopted or been using the crumbing method of cookery for centuries, and it has become a super relatable and very moorish way to cook an ingredient.

This pork schnitzle recipe will change how you see the task. First of all it is way more simple to execute than you think it is, and secondly this method that was passed down from an auntie of mine (thanks auntie Grace, you are one of the best cooks I know to this day) allows for the lightest, crispiest crumbed morsels of tender meat possible.

The beauty of using a filet of pork for the dish is that you are set up with a super tender cut of meat so that you don’t need to use a mallet or any sort of chemical tenderiser to loosen the tissue before crumbing. Of course I’m all about eating cheap cuts of meat when you’re stewing or braising so to break down that connective tissue, but when it comes to flash frying you want a really tender cut.

After setting up your crumbing station in a flash, the trick is to shake your pieces of filet in the flour and crumbs so that the outer coating isn’t pressed hard into the meat. Then when you fry, your baby schnitzles should puff up like clouds and you will have the most amazing texture to bite into. For a neat little sauce to go with it, mix together equal parts of dijon and mayonnaise with a handful of chopped chives and some pepper. That’s the classic Austrian way to heaven.

– Lauren

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