As the “Cocktails with Ponytail” series continues, we seek out unique and niche cocktail bars across the vast city of Bangkok, which harbors even more bars and restaurants than we can count: everything from sophisticated gin bars and hidden hole-in-the-wall “ya-dong” stalls to International eateries and legendary Thai streetfood shops.

The inaugural episode of the series was the iconic jazz lounge, The Bamboo Bar at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok; sticking to our agenda of uniquely extraordinary venues, our second episode features our host, Lauren, enjoying the sips and sounds of Studio Lam.

Living in Bangkok, you most definitely have heard of it, but have maybe never visited. Known for its iconic performances, events, and live acts, Studio Lam is somewhat of an institution when it comes to music, specifically luk thung and molam music, as some of the co-owners are members of the Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band. Studio Lam actually specializes in many things Thai, including being the place to go to for cocktails with Thai moonshine, ya-dong.

Makers of their very own blends, they have brought the traditional homebrew spirit into the present. Co-owner Sorrawat Suviporn, better known as Ben, gives us the lowdown of their various ya dong recipes, as well as centuries-old myths about the spirit.

This is Cocktails with Ponytail at Studio Lam.

– Emma Thompson

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