This goes just nicely with my personal goal to live the funnest (and tastiest) life possible. Our Universe is an open book and our job as people is to explore it, experience it, and share its goodness with others. Goodness itself hides in and amongst the most unexpected places. It comes in many forms, and loves being discovered and tried out by other people. Goodness is not only a continuous force in time and space that makes life exciting, but when embraced, can transform something we see as ‘the everyday’ into something great. My own pathway of exploration is my life long quest that has lead me to discover the sublime, wonderful, and unique. This, as a whole, makes me think that goodness is really much greater than the sum of its tiny, everyday parts.

Choux pastries filled with sweet creams are definitely those small and simple things I call parts. These tiny little cabbage shaped pastries that are essentially just flour, egg and butter are so much more than they seem. These are happiness in each light, soft mouthful. These are spacers for chatting and sharing. These are simple ingredients that are transformed into a delicacy. These are also a good example of precision and care in baking. These are choux pastries at La Maison Du Chou.

The simple, warm, and inviting decor of La Maison Du Chou reflects its specialty. When you walk into their store, you are greeted with a smile and a bonjour, then asked which of the three ways you will be having your aerated, ball-shaped dough-treat: filled with fromage blanc, praline, or chocolate cream. The next decision you will have to make is how you would like your coffee: long or short, because at La Maison Du Chou they keep things so simple that milky coffees aren’t an option. The final decision you will need to make is once you have sat down and slowly eaten your choux: if you’re going to buy some to take home too.


La Maison Du Chou
7 Rue de Furstenberg,
75006 Paris

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