If you follow @ponytailjournal or @ptjbreakfast on Instagram, you would see that I do like a pancake or two in my life. Who doesn’t am I right?? Pancakes are like breakfast dessert, and what makes life even better is when you don’t have to feel heavy and sluggish after polishing off a triple stack. No doubt if you’re like me your heart will be pounding from the unusual sugar hit it just got from all that pure maple syrup I ‘accidentally’ poured over mine, but life’s not all about being strict all the time. To get back on track: I give you another gluten free addition to the PTJ pancake family, Rice Pancakes! These guys are light and fluffy, and super quick to make in case you were extra h-angry that morning and just wanted pancakes right there, right now. No separating eggs, no beating egg whites… just pancakes in 15 (even better when you have a side kick to brew the coffee while you’re flipping).

Rice Pancakes (makes enough for 2)

You will need:
1 cup rice flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup buttermilk / yogurt / coyo
milk of your choice (cow’s / goat’s / almond / oat / rice)
pinch of salt
1 tbsp raw sugar or xylitol (derived from bark, not corn!)
1 egg
1 tbsp coconut oil

grass fed butter or coconut oil for cooking
pure maple syrup / nut butter / butter / lemon juice / strawberries / whatever you like for serving

Add the rice flour, baking soda, salt, and sugar to a mixing bowl and whisk together. In a small jug combine the egg with the buttermilk and beat to combine with a fork. Make a well in the middle of the dry mix and pour in the wet mix. Whisk to combine, starting from the middle of the well, incorporating the dry mix little by little so that you don’t get lumps. When the mixture in the well starts to get too thick, add some milk to liquify, and keep going until everything in your bowl is combined and to the consistency of a smoothie (it’s not thick as a thickshake, but not as thin as a milkshake). Mind you, this part is up to you to experiment with, according to how you like your pancakes: a thickshake-like batter will make thicker pancakes, a milkshake-like batter will make crepes.

Heat a flat pan over a low to medium heat. Turn on your oven to 50C to keep cooked pancakes warm. Melt a knob of butter or some coconut oil in the pan and swirl around so that the pan is evenly coated. Ladle some batter onto the pan, pouring enough batter according to how large you would like your pancake. Leave it. Wait for bubbles to form, and the top surface to dry enough to flip (about 3-4mins). Flip, leave for about 2 mins, then transfer to the oven and add some more butter / coconut oil to the pan. Repeat. Keep an eye on the heat of the pan, when it gets too hot just take it off the heat for a little.

Serve with all the goodies you like.

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