So this year is a big year for the studio, we’re launching our own line of workwear for women [ appropriately called W’menswear ] and we couldn’t be more excited about it. To say the least all this juju we’ve been story-boarding here at the Journal for the past two years [ and lots of careful observation ] has paved the path forward from internet to IRL. We treat everyone we work with here at the Journal as a strange little family of vintage loving, sensory people, so obviously all these wonderful folk are our ultimate to work with too. That’s what makes us even more proud about the label.


So this Northern Hemisphere winter our first drop will arrive in stores and we would like to share the whole journey with you. The story is only starting but it’s already been an incredibly fulfilling ride. So here we have the joey in the pouch, negative scans from our first look book, shot by our buddy Eric Kvatek in Montauk, NYC in great company of Andrea Solstad (our motorbike riding, denim sewing, art making, and pretty darn well read friend) who fits the bill just right.


We rode up to the port in Andrea’s ’84 Monte Carlo and stopped for a lobster roll before rolling into the fishing docks to start the showdown. The day unfolded like a series of acts in a play, from carrying boxes down the docks, to throwing fish into boxes in a processing warehouse, cleaning the floors, operating a fork lift, having a smoke break out back on piles of netting, and then to the tidal rocks to catch sundown along side huge northern gulls looking for a feed. The heavy sound of Eric’s majestic Pentax 67 snapping and reloading throughout the transitioning soundscapes of each location. What a day.

We look forward to sharing more of our salty project with you in the coming weeks as we take the line to our first round of showings in Tokyo this month.

/ Shot by Eric Kvatek for W’menswear AW16 coming soon /


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