It wasn’t until I moved away from Sydney until I realised how much I took it for granted. What an incredible lifestyle the coastal one is. To be soaking up super clean, super fresh air day-in-day-out, to have a sky that is bluer than a brand new swimming pool, and to be surrounded by an abundance of incredible produce… and equally incredible cooks. This kind of life is what inspires me to work hard, because this kind of life doesn’t come cheap – but boy is it fun.

I guess being a great big brute of an island covered mostly by desert, Australian city life is a relatively coastal one to say the least. If you look at a map of the country, you will notice that people mostly live on the outer edge of the gigantor landmass. Things are pretty spread out but if you have access to wheels there are so many great adventures to be had with the snowy mountains, red dirt desert, reefs with all of their weird and wonderful creatures, and endless stretches of bush that are home to more strange flora & fauna. Exotic always comes to mind when I think of the land down under. By now I’m sounding something like a spokesperson for the Australian board of tourism but maybe it’s just that I can’t quite explain how special the landscape really is to me. It is this very landscape that fuelled my passion for adventure and exploring, so perhaps the parallel Universe Ponytail Journal where I never went to Australia would be quite different. I sometimes try to imagine the parallel Universe Ponytail Journal where I spend my formative years in my birthplace of Hong Kong, and just laugh at myself before even picturing what the content would be like – definitely not this. We are what we are influenced by, and I guess I can thank the contrasting coastal & mountainous Sydney backdrops for giving me endless fun.

So, whenever I’m back in town I replay my fondest pastimes; my ‘highlights reel’ of that coastal life down under. It goes something like this…


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