As a little more seasoned writer at Ponytail Journal, I’ve been so enjoying my work here, but when Lauren asked me to put together a skater’s guide to Paris I was all like, “WOW! Toootally! with absolute pleasure! ! ” I still remember earlier this year walking around with Lauren in Tokyo, we both agreed that was a huge pity that we weren’t allowed to skate the streets of Tokyo. Those peaceful smooth streets around Daikanyama, Shibuya are just perfect for skate-gals like us who only want to cruise around, no harm done. At that moment, I realised how much I missed Paris for once, a skater’s paradise. So bring on the drum roll, I’m bringing y’all “a rollin’ day tour of Paris by skateboard”. – Songyi

Some of you might know that Sunday is when all the shops are closed in Paris. A drag for some, but for me a sunny Sunday is perfect for cruising along the boulevards and down the canals. And of course, treats along the way are part of the fun! Let me show you where to grab a good café or tea, to have some delicious snacks and where to dig up nice pieces in some really rad stores.

So, let’s say it’s already the lunch time and we start from Place de la Republique, you will find there are so many skaters doing impressive tricks here (not me). If you’re like me, you’ll just cruise straight past,heading to Le Carreau Du Temple, which is 5 mins far from the chaotic Place de la Republique. There, you have large smooth streets or side pavements to skate. I strongly advise you to have lunch in this area at Season Café & Restaurant or Café Pinson, two spots good for people who eat lightly ‘n healthy. The ambiance is really bobo, chic and cozy, so don’t be surprised if they’re full of Parisian girls (hint hint dudes). Otherwise you can spend other 3mins by skate to Le Marche Des Enfants Rouge to have some Liberian food and Japanese bento, or even 10 mins down the road to Bob’s Kitchen for the best veggie stew and one of the few green smoothies in Paris. Talk about stylish stores, here, you’re in the right spot! If you are a vintage lover, go to Le Marché Noir on the corner of the square, for their original vintage african pieces or simply for their stunning store decoration.

Le Carreau Du Temple

Season Cafe

Le Marché Noir

After a tasse of café and some biscuits, now you’ve got two different options: Go north, to Le Marais; or go south to Le Canal Saint Martin – both of them are perfect for cruising. In the Marais, you’ve got a lot of small streets and designer stores surrounding you. But if you prefer skating non stop like me, go straight to Canal Saint Martin because on a Sunday there ain’t no cars but still plenty of bikes! Oh yes , here you can grab a beer or coffee by the canal. But if you’re game for some ‘punch au rhum’ (no judging here), then head to Le Comptoir General, a huge bar with an extraordinary atmosphere and the good punch!!

Le Canal Saint Martin

Le Comptoir General

If you still have some energy, stay strong and catch up on our next adventure, skating Paris by night (preferably midnight). Skate or metro it to the Pont de Bir-Hakeim, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, near the Eiffel Tower. Sounds cliche but believe me, there’s nothing like skating along that magic bridge at night when there’s nobody around you, with the shining Eiffel Tower in plain sight. It feels like you own Paris. Be warned, skating on the banks of the Seine below is rocky business but worth giving a try no doubt. Girls please don’t do Paris by night alone, bring some buddies along because I won’t lie, Paris can be really sketchy.

Le Pont de Bir-Hakeim

If I have to say that the dreaminess of skating Paris is thanks to the connected streets and pavements. A cruiser’s paradise – barely any stops and no need to change modes of transport. Heck, even the roads are super smooth without any annoying cracks! Sounds unreal right?

Living in Paris has had a huge impact on me. I love it for the culture, art, and food. So Ponytail gals and boys, if you want to skate around in Paris, just let me know ! Maybe we can share a punch together ?

Songyi’s favourite skate spots /

Outside of Palais De Tokyo, dubbed “Le Dome” by skaters.

The Seine banks on the East, from Gare d’Austerlitz to Ivry at the very South-Eastern part of Paris.

The François Mitterrand Library’s neighborhood in the 13è arrondissement.

This is a post by skater, designer, and raddest gal, Songyi Yan.

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