Remembering The Donut Dollies

Remembering The Donut Dollies

Although the Vietnam war ended over 46 years ago, the events that happened aren’t long forgotten, having been so influential and impacting the lives of many. I’ve had many lessons on this momentous war yet only recently I’ve come to learn about a group of American women who should not be written out of the history books; the ‘Donut Dollies’.

During the Vietnam war a group of American women volunteered to serve in the frontlines through the Red Cross as part of the Supplemental Recreation Activities Overseas (SRAO) program. To the military men, these women were known as the ‘Donut Dollies’. These women risked their lives to serve their goal of cheering up the US troops with nothing but cookies and home-made entertainment programs.

I believe that despite their dedication and service to the troops, their names have somehow become lost when the history books were being written. I encourage everyone reading to try and learn some more about these wonder women who were very much a part of the war, their work and contribution does not deserve to go unnoticed and underappreciated.


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