Following the release of his latest mix on Highsnobiety sounds, producer Onra shares his special insight into the late 80’s fusion genre, ‘New Jack Swing’, a Hip Hop and dance-pop lovechild that went wild in the New York club scene.

“With this mix, I wanted to showcase a particular style of 90’s RnB called New Jack or New Jack Swing.  Made popular from 1987 until 1993, it has a very particular style recognisable with a shuffling drum pattern.  Teddy Riley is one of the producers who started the trend and it became so contagious that even Michael Jackson included some elements in his classic ‘Dangerous’ album.  

Here’s a condensed 30 mix I made for Highsnobiety out of New Jack classics and rarities.”

– Onra



/ Words and mix, Onra / Photography Lauren Yates /